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Kate Cracked Accounts is a text editor for Unix/X11, that uses GTK+. You may try it out in the archive in a package called „Kate”. It has lots of features, you can configure it to your liking, including with syntax highlighting for dozens of languages. Kate is a free, open source software licensed under GNU GPLv3. HTH, Here is a short tutorial/tutorial video I made on using Kate to code in Rails A: Here is another IDE/editor that may be of interest to you: Vim (for which this video tutorial is available: It is not really an IDE as you state, but I think it has many of the features you require. Another possibility, which might be of use if you prefer more of a console/terminal IDE, is: Emacs (you could also give Vim a try, with the help of an Emacs package like Evil mode) There are many tutorials on the net about this. [C]{.smallcaps}-terminal domain

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Kate is a powerful text editor that features a large selection of additional functions. The program is easy to use and navigate and has a decent amount of features to offer. Additional Features: • Vast selection of languages, including a complete version of Perl and Python. • Syntax highlighting and color themes. • Support for large number of programming languages. • A comprehensive list of scripts regarding code navigation, editing and printing. • Read-Only mode option. • Supports binary files. • Supports drag and drop of files and folders. • Undo and Redo functions for text and formatting. • „Replace all” option. • Support for custom lists. • Scrollbar for easy text navigation. • Support for three project types: folders, lists and random. • Support for multiple file types. • Support for autocompletion. • Supports macros and has a script editor. • Various text formats supported. • Supports labels, sidebar and sidebars. • Built-in spell checker. • Options for customizing the appearance of the application. • Works with current version of MS Windows. • Works on all Windows platforms. • Works under Wine. • Works on all LINUX platforms. • Works on all UNIX platforms. • Works on all BSD platforms. What’s New in Version 2.8? Recent features in this release: • Improved History/Search feature: search for text in history. • Enhanced trackpad gestures: three gestures (drag, left-click, right-click) can be bound to specific applications. Known Issues in Kate: • Requires XP/Vista/Windows 7. • The preferences are in not intuitive. RECOMMENDED: Kate for Windows – a program that comes with a large amount of advanced features to offer. It is capable of analyzing a lot of parameters in any technical environment. Kate isn’t free, but it is possible to get a free license. Kate Latest Version: Thanks! Kind regards, Mark A: Check out Textpad It’s a free (as in speech), multi-platform, text editor with a lot of features. It’s a bit of a download (139k as of this time of writing) but well

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Kate (kate in the terminal) is a simple editor for Unix. Kate is written in python and aims to be user-friendly (like emacs) and as feature-packed as possible (like emacs). Support for LaTeX and HTML is included. Other languages are supported (python, ruby, C, etc.). Options include history search, block evaluation, syntax highlighting, project management, integrated shell, multiple views, different charsets, visual aids and a comprehensive option list. Links: A: If you want to keep it free, there’s vim. (it’s not entirely free, it has its own ‘power user’ functionality.) For ide support, Visual Studio has a pretty good one (albeit with some drawbacks). Other good ones include Eclipse Netbeans XCode and there’s also IDEs that aren’t specifically IDE’s but are very good. These are Code::Blocks KDevelop If you can handle vim, it’s open source, very powerful, there’s lots of plugins, it’s portable (ie doesn’t depend on an IDE), generally pretty easy to configure and it’s free. A: I personally use vim and then have a.vimrc that points it where I like. You can then set up the plugins to point in the right direction and then get used to the way things are supposed to work. Some of the plugins I’m using include: EasyMotion Visual mode syntax highlighting zapfiles indentation comments and folding You can find a list of the plugins I’m using on github. Oklahoma City Thunder: Key Free Agents to Bother Sooners As the NBA Draft begins to draw near, so do the free-agent period, and for the Oklahoma City Thunder, this is a crucial period of time. If the Thunder want to avoid the purgatory of being an also-ran they must make smart and bold moves during this time. With the off season approaching, here is a brief look at some of the key players the Thunder need to make decisions on by opening day on July 1st. Acquisition: Kevin Durant – The captain of the Thunder and one of the best scorers in the league, Durant is such an effective offensive player that a team is never in good shape without him. We’ll see how much


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We recommend at least a Quad-Core Processor, 4GB RAM and 512MB or more of RAM for the best experience. Minimum system requirements are listed for informational purposes only and are subject to change. All trademarks, trade names and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. ©2018 Rebellion. © 2018 Rebellion Games LLC. Star Wars and all associated logos and trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars Galaxies is a trademark or registered trademark of Bioware, Inc. All rights reserved.


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