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Even a high-end gaming system can be slowed down significantly by the many processes and services that are often running in the background, many of which can be disabled safely, at least temporarily. Smart Game Booster is a nifty application that enables you to perform these optimizations with a single mouse click, and then restore the standard configuration when the gaming session has ended. Additionally, it allows you to perform various system tweaks, as well as monitor temps are framerate in-game. Stop unnecessary background processes easily While the various Windows and non-Windows services that are usually running in the background do have their purpose, they are often not required while playing games, which means they can be stopped safely in order to boost your system’s performance. Normally, you would have to find and disable them manually, which is a tedious and time-consuming task. Smart Game Booster can perform this operation instantly, and then start the processes again when you have finished playing your game. Customize the boost settings and launch your games in this optimized mode automatically Less experienced users should find the default configuration to be more than adequate, but it is also possible to specify which processes or services should be disabled, as well as have the application clear your RAM before launching a game. Speaking of games, it is possible to add them all, whether they are local or web-based. When launching them from the app, the Boost mode is activated automatically. However, it would have been great if you had the option of launching games from the system tray menu. Optimize your PC intuitively Certain tweaks can improve your PC’s performance even when you are not playing any games, without any noteworthy side effects. Understandably, though, many users prefer to avoid altering any registry settings manually. Smart Game Booster can make things easier for you, as it allows you to fine-tune various parameters directly from its intuitive UI, while also offering helpful explanations. Monitor temps, fan speed and FPS Gamers should be pleased to learn that this application can record CPU, GPU and motherboard temperatures, and then present this data in the form of a real-time graph. Moreover, this information can be displayed in-game, along with the current frame rate. A customizable hotkey can be used to toggle the OSD. On the whole, Smart Game Booster is an intuitive, well-designed optimization utility that can boost your PC’s performance while gaming, as well as help you perform a number of system tweaks. It is unobtrusive and very easy to use, so gamers who wish to make the most of their resources should definitely give it a try.







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Smart Game Booster is the ultimate optimization software for gamers. This program can boost your performance & speed up your PC quickly! It can improve your gaming experience and make your PC like new! It provides powerful graphics engine optimizations, CPU speed up, RAM defragmentation, Internet optimizing and much more. How does Smart Game Booster work? After install, once Smart Game Booster start, it will add a small icon in the system tray which shows the status of our system optimization. Just mouse over the icon and you can get an excellent graphics and CPU performance. When you want to optimize again, just click “Re-Optimize” button. This simple and fast, your PC performance will be improved rapidly! Smart Game Booster For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit) Free Download You are downloading Smart Game Booster which is developed by, a site licensed software of Smart Game Booster. This site is not directly affiliated with in any way. You are now downloading Smart Game Booster for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit) which is developed by This site is a search engine and does not contain direct download links of the software you are searching for. Search results will match Software prices only and contain links to authorized stores & publishers websites (some of them may require to install refund software). No reviews yet, click on the button below: Download smart game booster for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit) You may be interested in the following software/games:Smart Game Booster, November 16, 2017 Beginning the Week It has been an amazing week of getting ready for the beginning of the week that is fast approaching. Time flies by when you’re enjoying every bit of the change of seasons around here in the Ozarks. We have had so many trees come down since Monday; they haven’t made much progress in removing them, but that will all change tomorrow when the big machinery comes out and gets all of the work done! I can’t wait to see how it goes. I love the work they do, but when I’m driving down the street and they are going out, I often feel like I’m driving by

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Stop unnecessary background processes easily Customize the boost settings and launch your games in this optimized mode automatically Optimize your PC intuitively Monitor temps, fan speed and FPS Subscribe to the Gamers-par-Tout YouTube channel for videos such as „Ultimate Boost Guide”! Some virii and trojans can block your mobile browser to prevent you from opening web page or login to your social network. If this is the case, you can unblock the blocked websites with a free tool [1]. Free App Blocker Try free App Blocker [1] an internet privacy and security tool. It can prevent you from unwanted ads, block harmful notifications, and pause your FB, Twitter, and your web browser. Unblock Facebook: I have mentioned to you times before about how dangerous it is to follow certain information on Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, many people still do it. If you have a Facebook account, you can log into the site and enable the blocking tool. Click on the Facebook icon on the tool, and follow the instructions. Unblock Twitter: There are two applications to unblock Twitter, but I will recommend the first. It is a free software called „Unblock Twitter”. It is quite easy to use. Click on the Twitter icon in the tool and then click on the „Blocked Websites” tab. That is it! The site will be unblocked and Twitter will let you post to your timeline again. How to log in and use the applications? I will tell you, I am a fan of the applications that come to the Play Store. They are highly reliable, completely free, compatible with any Android device and of course, they are often virus-free. However, if you want to follow this option, you will have to find an external installer for the applications. The nice thing about this application is that the search engine is Google. Just type in Google „Unblock Twitter” or „Unblock Facebook” and you will find several applications that will suit your needs. I recommend you to keep an eye on the Play Store to find a really good option. Once you have downloaded the application, log in to their account and activate the tool. Now you should be able to access to both applications. If you want to unblock both services, you can use Unblock Twitter and Unblock Facebook. Conclusion The more people who decide to block the services, the greater the chance that they will be 2f7fe94e24

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This description will show you how to use the most convenient and also fast ways to boost your PC’s game performance. You can choose the way that you prefer to use Smart Game Booster – manually or automatically, depending on which way you would like to use it. Using manual settings you can choose all the features of the application and then click them to activate them in the game after the game ends automatically. Using the automatic settings you have to just run the application once and then you’ll forget about everything. After the game you will have the version of settings which is the best for the game. What’s New Bug Fixes: · Fixed an issue where the game would not launch in the desired boosting mode. · Fixed an issue when increasing the game RAM it would result in a crash to desktop. · Fixed an issue that occurred when you launched the game with the automatic settings after a game was already running. Changes: · Added RAM optimization feature for games which does not work with SGB. · Adjusted a game performance tab so that the „MB/s” is the sum of reads and writes speed. · Added the option to automatically disable SGB at Windows logon, however, if this option is selected and you logged in with SGB, if SGB will be disabled and you will have to boot normally. · Fixed an issue where RAM will be free even after SGB is done. Note: The game performance tab displays the overall performance of the game. To read more about the different graphs, check the „Help” option. The game will read and write data to your RAM as necessary. The only way to increase the speed of the game is to increase the number of RAM. Make sure to never save and exit the game when it is running. FAQ Will my game crashes after optimizing with SGB or it still keeps the same? You can still keep your game with SGB. If you optimize it, it will give you some information about it before to close the game but it will not close it. I still have issues with the game and my game crashes after optimization? It could be a problem related to your OS or your RAM. If you never experienced this before, try to increase your RAM in your motherboard or purchase a new one. What’s new in this version Added RAM optimization for games which

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Smart Game Booster is a simple and user-friendly utility that allows you to optimize the performance of your computer. If you want to reduce the time it takes for your computer to boot, remove startup programs or even make it faster in the long run, then Smart Game Booster will do just that. It will even monitor the system temperature and fan speed of your CPU and GPU. Smart Game Booster does all this so that you do not have to waste your time and hassle to do it yourself. To optimize your computer, just press the Boost Mode and start boosting. It will display the Boost mode with default settings. You can also customize the boost settings and launch your games in the boost mode automatically. As explained above, you can monitor the temperature of your system and fan speed. In order to enhance your computer and make it faster, Smart Game Booster is highly recommended. Manage your memory using the Boost Mode Settings. Smart Game Booster can monitor temps and fan speed to help you optimize your PC’s performance. Give a boost to your computer using Smart Game Booster. Cleaning the Registry can effectively remove data left behind by other software. However, your computer may crash and corrupt your system if this is done improperly. You can prevent this from happening by using Smart Game Booster. Power Screen Cleaning mode activates your PC for only a short time, which can effectively clean the registry left behind by previous software. Watch out for those slow loading and hanging programs. Make use of the “Long Wait Mode”. Manage your computer with ease using an easy to use interface. Stop unnecessary background processes easily. Keep your PC’s clean registry using the “Clean the registry” option. Launching games faster using the “Launch in boost mode” option. Optimized your settings easily using the “Option” button. Running “Monitor Temperature” will enhance your computer and help you to boot faster. Gather detailed statistics using the “Logging” option. The “Option” button can be used to customize and choose the boost settings easily. Calculating, Monitoring and Cleaning the registry is a must. They are the main cause of failure and under performance of your computer. Smart Game Booster has an “Optimize” option, a “Boost” option, and an “

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RAM: 1 GB HDD: 1 GB PC: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz Mac: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz Operating System: Windows 7 or later (mac: OS X 10.6.8 or later) Graphics Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible DirectX: Version 9.0c compatible STEAM: Redirected steam://send

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