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You can simply check whether or not a web page is available by attempting to connect to it. However, network administrators need a bit more leverage, and this automatically implies the use of more complex tools. For instance, Ping Ya Face is a program which can tell whether or not a particular host is available by sending a ping. Perks of a portable app A cool thing about it is that it’s portable, which means you’re not taken through an installer to make it work, and can also use it on other computers directly from a thumb drive. Registry entries are not put at risk in the process, so the health status remains intact. There’s only one requirement in particular, and that is .NET Framework. You only get to spend a couple of seconds figuring out what the application is all about. A compact window holds all you need to work with, meaning the target address field, possibility to send repetitive pings, as well as the info field which shows whether or not the target is reachable. Response time not shown As the address field points out, it can either contain a web page URL, or the corresponding IP address. The tool can also be used to check the availability of network computers. Starting the process sends a ping, with a message delivered in a dedicated section, static whether or not the operation is successful. As mentioned, there’s the possibility to have repetitive pings sent. The option needs to be enabled, and you also need to set the interval in seconds. Unfortunately, the application doesn’t show response time, and doesn’t even save the log of events when activating repetitive ping. To sum it up In conclusion, Ping Ya Face is a straightforward ping tool. It mostly comes in handy for checking the availability of a computer or web page, without having to rely on complex data. Sadly, the lack of info on response time has a considerable impact on overall practicality.







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With the introduction of Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft added support for the HTTP/2 protocol. The new protocol is more secure and more efficient, and not compatible with the older protocol. Also, hardware vendors are creating new products built to use the HTTP/2 protocol instead of HTTP/1.1. If you download and install Windows 10 Home, you’ll have to download and install a new version of Internet Explorer. Not all Windows 10 users are familiar with the new protocol, so here is a quick reminder of all the new features supported by HTTP/2. You should also use this guide to configure HTTP/2 on your website to experience its benefits. What is HTTP/2? HTTP/2, or HTTP 2.0, is an upgrade to the HTTP protocol that was first introduced in 2013. It has one or more innovations to overcome the weaknesses of HTTP 1.1, and to make it more efficient. HTTP/2 is a binary-based protocol. Its message is encoded in a binary format. The binary format reduces the size of the protocol that your browser needs to load. Other than reducing the size of the message, the message format provides a more compact way to send additional information that’s important to the content. HTTP/2 improves the performance of your web pages and websites. It also allows you to stream media files without pausing. For all of these reasons, HTTP/2 is not yet implemented in Windows 10. There are two good reasons for this. You don’t have any of the requirements. HTTP/2 needs a TLS 1.2 or higher version. In Windows 10, TLS 1.1 is the highest version of TLS supported, and TLS 1.2 is not yet available. You haven’t been given an option to download the HTTP/2 features of Internet Explorer. Windows 10 Home users haven’t been given the option to configure the server to use the HTTP/2 protocol. There is no way to configure HTTP/2 without using Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge can only work with HTTP/2 when Edge is launched from a webpage that uses HTTP/2. How to configure HTTP/2 You can only configure HTTP/2 when you’re using Edge. You can only configure HTTP/2 on the computers that run Windows 10 Home. If you try to use HTTP/2 on Windows 10 Pro, you’ll be directed to Windows 10

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Ping Ya Face Full Crack is a small, easy-to-use app which can tell you if a web server or a computer is available. Besides the target address, you’ll also see the info field which shows whether or not the target server is reachable.Q: installation and configuration of Jenkins on an Ubuntu server I am new to ubuntu and I want to install and configure jenkins on an ubuntu server for windows I have installed some softwares and done some basic linux configuration I have created the user jenkins and added it to the sudo list and also configured it for sudo login now what I want to do is to install jenkins and configure it for using windows application using it’s web interface For this it is necessary to have a Linux server and a windows server From the git repository, is there any instruction that I can read to do what I am talking about? Or I should start doing experiments? EDIT : I have installed jenkins on ubuntu and I have done a few configurations for jenkins but it is not working Please suggest for a good setup A: Based on my setup, I would use Windows Installer to create a one-click package that contains: Jenkins An admin account for jenkins, possibly named by a related domain name (ie. The domain name to use for Jenkins itself (in this case, there’s no need to have a DNS record at all) For you to install on the server, simply copy the package to a remote location (via SCP or a more direct mount) and run the installer. The configuration of the Jenkins server account would be performed on a shell console. This is recommended because Jenkins only supports interactive logins. Alternatively, you can use the SCPlugin for Windows Installer. This would save time spent making a package in Windows Installer. This plugin would allow you to package your jenkins install as a zip file. In this case you would install the zip file directly, and then have the jenkins-slave.exe tool used to configure the server (rather than this tool being provided directly by Windows Installer). The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ranked 31st in terms of defense this season with 265.6 yards per game allowed. Only the Philadelphia Eagles allow more yards per game than the Buccaneers this season 2f7fe94e24

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Ping Ya Face is a small application that will scan a list of IP addresses to see if they are up or down. If the IP address is pointing to a website, then that is listed in the address box. The status of the websites is shown by using a small status icon. If the scan is done, then the IP address history is stored in the database. This option is also checked by default, so the history does not have to be entered separately. Ping Ya Face Features: Guidelines: This software is compatible with Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Microsoft.NET Framework, version 2.0, or higher is required. The latest version of Win 7 is needed for this application to work. This software should not be used for address checking for dial-up modem connections. This program is not intended for this type of use. How to install Ping Ya Face: Download the file Ping Ya Face and unzip it to a folder of your choice. Make sure you get the right version for the operating system you are using. Run the installer file and follow the instructions on the screen. When the program is installed, close the windows you are using. Note: If you can not start the program or it does not open the window, make sure that your browser is closed and the computer is turned off. How to use Ping Ya Face: Step One: Go to the folder where you installed the Ping Ya Face. Find the application and double-click to launch it. Step Two: In the tool you will be prompted to select an IP address to scan. If the computer’s IP address is in the list, it will be checked. Step Three: After scanning the IP address, you can close the program. How to uninstall Ping Ya Face: Close all running programs. Double-click on the Start button and select Control Panel. Go to Programs and features and select Uninstall a program. Locate the program and click Uninstall. The application will be completely uninstalled from the operating system. When you remove the program, you will be prompted to allow or deny the deletion of the program files. Click next to remove the files. Note: The Ping Ya Face setup file might remain on your computer if you have not deleted it. This is normal and

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Ping Ya Face is simple utility which can easily be used to test the availability of a Web-Address or a computer. Its use is very simple: Just type in the web address or address of the computer you wish to check, and then click the button to start the ping. If the Web address or address is not on line, a message will inform you so. If you’re interested in checking whether the computer is on, a message stating that it’s still on is shown. Ping Ya Face includes three useful features: * A button which allows you to automatically send a ping, * You can send a ping manually with one click, * The log of successful and unsuccessful pings can be saved in a text file. Shortcut: Double click the shortcut on your desktop to launch the program. Features: Single Instance – this is a typical feature in today’s software. It means that you will always get the same program interface when running the program. Portable – it does not put any files on your hard drive. One of the best is when you open it and it can be closed without any problems. It is available for all kinds of Windows, such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9, 10 As far as the software is concerned, it is easy to use and install. You can execute the tool with a single click, in case you need to check whether an address is available. This program’s log is downloaded automatically if you choose to. It has a reliable and friendly user interface. It has a user’s manual that you can read if you need to. It has short and long descriptions. You can save your current internet connection to restart it easily whenever you want to. You can adjust the intervals in which to check for available web addresses or IP addresses. You can clear or clear the log, if you want to. A good thing about this tool is that it can be used to test the availability of a computer. It is very easy to use. You can set up the software and start working with it right away. Summary: Basic features: * A button which allows you to automatically send a ping, * You can send a ping manually with one click, * The log of successful and unsuccessful pings can be saved in a text file. The manufacturer provided a 30 days trial version of this application. However, the product has an expired

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1GB of free space on your hard drive Windows 10, 8.1 or 8 64-bit OS (preferably Windows 10) Internet connection DVD drive or USB memory drive 20 GB USB memory drive to install OS 1920×1080 resolution or greater 3 GHz multi-core CPU 4 GB RAM (more if needed for some of the titles) GPU: Some titles require you to use a GPU. While there is a download option for the games, we strongly recommend against installing the games if

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