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Contents 1 Introduction 2 Photoshop Elements 2.1 Photoshop Elements 2.2 Photoshop Elements 2.3 Photoshop Elements 2.4 Photoshop Elements 2.5 Photoshop Elements 2.6 Photoshop Elements 2.7 Photoshop Elements 2.8 Photoshop Elements 2.9 Photoshop Elements 2.10 Photoshop Elements 2.11 Photoshop Elements 2.12 Photoshop Elements 2.13 Photoshop Elements 2.14 Photoshop Elements 2.15 Photoshop Elements 2.16 Photoshop Elements 2.17 Photoshop Elements 2.18 Photoshop Elements 2.19 Photoshop Elements 2.20 Photoshop Elements 2.21 Photoshop Elements 2.22 Photoshop Elements 2.23 Photoshop Elements 2.24 Photoshop Elements 2.25 Photoshop Elements 2.26 Photoshop Elements 2.27 Photoshop Elements 2.28 Photoshop Elements 2.29 Photoshop Elements 3 Photoshop tutorial: Compose 3.1 Compose the image 3.2 Compose the image 3.3 Compose the image 3.4 Compose the image 3.5 Compose the image 3.6 Compose the image 3.7 Compose the image 3.8 Compose the image 3.9 Compose the image 3.10 Compose the image 3.11 Compose the image 3.12 Compose the image 3.13 Compose the image 3.14 Compose the image 3.15 Compose the image 3.16 Compose the image 3.17 Compose the image 3.18 Compose the image 3.19 Compose the image 3.20 Compose the image 3.21 Compose the image 3.22 Compose the image 3.23 Compose the image 3.24 Compose the image 3.25 Compose the image 3.26 Compose the image 3.27 Compose the image 3.28 Compose the image 3.29 Compose the image 4 Photoshop tutorial: Image Adjustments 4.1 Apply a Levels Adjustment 4.2 Adjust an image using

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With Elements you get a powerful yet easy to use tool for creating and manipulating images as well as for organizing images into collections. Like Photoshop Elements, it can be used either as a standalone application or as a standard image editing tool within the Bridge of Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, you can also use Photoshop Elements as a plug-in for the Bridge, which allows you to open images in the Photoshop Elements application. Elements also features a collection of tools and useful features specially designed for the image editing process. Table of Contents 1. What is Adobe Photoshop Elements? Adobe Photoshop Elements is an alternative graphics program to Photoshop, which is a professional photo editor. It offers Photoshop-like features for photographers and amateur image editors. Elements is currently available for both Windows and Mac computer systems. Elements is available in three editions, Standard, Photo, and Photoshop Elements Lightroom. Standard Elements Standard is the most basic version of Adobe Photoshop Elements. It is the perfect solution for novice users. With Elements Standard you can create and crop images, edit them, change colors, enhance their image quality, and create special effects. Photo The Photoshop Elements Photo is more powerful than Elements Standard and comes with advanced features for high-quality photo editing such as advanced color correction, advanced retouching, and more. Elements Photo offers much more than a photo editor. It features a number of advanced tools for professional and amateur graphic designers. It includes tools for creating and editing multiple layers, retouching, cropping, and editing HDR images, as well as many other tools for image editing. 2. Things You Need to Know 1. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a graphics editor; you need a graphics card that can handle a software application that is comparable to an older graphics card. Check your system requirements. 2. Computer running Windows 10, 8.1, or 8 – Most of the latest updates are compatible with Windows 10 (May 2016) 3. Computer running Windows 7 – Most of the latest updates are compatible with Windows 7 (May 2016) 4. Computer running Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or later – Most of the latest updates are compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later. 5. Adobe Photoshop Elements Lightroom – This application is for managing your Lightroom photos. You can also import photos into Lightroom from Adobe 05a79cecff

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