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Acrylic is the ultimate blend of pixel-based painting with vector drawing capabilities that places you in control of your creative process. Acrylic can work from pixel-based or vector sources. An easy-to-use large format canvas is presented to you, with rich features, color, and image editors designed to help you create a truly professional-looking design. Acrylic lets you view your artwork in full-resolution and pixel-perfect detail. Acrylic works within a hybrid editing environment that gives you the best of both worlds. It was originally conceived as the perfect solution to create onscreen and print projects within Adobe Creative Suite, but Acrylic is as flexible as you need it to be. Works with all industry-standard image formats and types, including Windows Open Clip Art, Windows XPM, and Mac OS X PNG, plus many others. The creative power of vector graphics, supported by Adobe applications, including Photoshop. Multi-layering is native to Acrylic; not a plug-in option Ability to convert vector and bitmap layers (in the same document) Acrylic is a limited license application. After you successfully complete the registration process, the program will appear in your Programs folder under Acrylic/Acrylic. By using Acrylic with a previous registration, you will continue to receive updates and bug fixes through the registration process. Registered users are entitled to the following benefits: ■ Ability to save your work as a.PIX file when saving to the desktop ■ Access to the Acrylic user manual ■ Access to the Acrylic help menu ■ Extended online help facility ■ Ability to view and edit your work in desktop publishing ■ Ability to work on your projects as large as 60,000 pixels wide and long. ■ Performance improvements with a recent release Benefits of Acrylic: ■ Create professional-looking graphics ■ Modify graphics with precision ■ Edit graphics with the flexibility of pixels and vectors ■ Use both RGB and CMYK color spaces ■ Apply brush textures, gradients, and other effects ■ Work on a huge canvas with a brush size of up to ■ Edit layer edges by using the powerful path tools ■ Work on multiple artboards ■ Convert graphics between vector and bitmap formats ■ View your artwork in any format

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Create superior color documents, with Acrylic. This powerful vector based graphics program lets you blend the ease of painting and the performance of vector tools to speed up your design process. Acrylic is ideal for everything from Web to print. Search the Google Play market 3.2 MB Dell Alienware Graphics Hardware Configuration Utility 1.1 Solve your Wi-Fi problems from the desktop With this Dell Alienware Graphics Hardware Configuration Utility 1.1, you can perform quick system updates to your Internet connection, wifi, DNS, and router, and much more. Aproximadamente 2.6 MB Qcomics – Theme 1.0 Various comics and Manga themes for your browser. 446 KB Quick Cursor 1.11 Free Quick Cursor lets you change your cursor and mouse pointer into a picture, any picture you want! 38 KB MegaMates 1.2.1 MegaMates is a unique system app, which helps to improve the efficiency of the Windows desktop and all other Windows applications. It provides useful toolbars for Firefox and IE, as well as integrated search. With MegaMates you can load your settings into Firefox and IE. MegaMates is for everyone! Aproximadamente 0.4 MB Quick Explorer 2.2 Quick Explorer is a handy tool for organizing and managing files and folders. You can view the contents of the file manager with the Quick Explorer. Aproximadamente 1.5 MB Linux Desktop Update 1.03 Linux Desktop Update is a tool for managing your desktop environment (GNOME/KDE), which is a collection of desktop programs and settings that you install on your computer.It is called Linux Desktop Update because you can „update” the packages on your computer 5 MB Fontly 1.0.2 Use FontLy to easily search, manage and install fonts. With easy-to-use drag and drop techniques, you can add, remove, change and manage fonts from with your local network, the Internet or devices connected via USB. The program also lets you preview fonts on the system. Aproximadamente 4.1 MB Dell Alienware Graphics Software Configuration Utility 2.1 This utility enables you to download and install updates for your video card, screens, and speakers. 4.3 MB b7e8fdf5c8

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Acrylic is a rapid, robust and powerful vector graphics program. It brings together the performance and design flexibility of pixel-based painting tools, such as Paint Shop Pro, and the vector editing, such as Illustrator and CorelDRAW, to create a program that lets you intuitively design for the web and the desktop, as you would on paper. If you want to apply your style on the Web, it is essential to first make it in Acrylic. Why choose Acrylic: The lovable, retro look and feel of Acrylic make it a joy to work with. Seamlessly combine shapes, colors, and effects using a unique new brush stroke-based approach. Acrylic can instantly make a flat, static bitmap graphic into a kinetic, dynamically-acting vector graphic. Use both vector and bitmap layer elements, including text, in the same Acrylic document. Gain the ability to work on vector layers to more efficiently edit and composite shapes, textures, and image objects. With the unique brush based approach of Acrylic, work with realistic paintings and hand-painted styles to create an all-encompassing design program. Hi guys, I’ve been using Acrylic for some time now and it has really helped me for what I do. It has got my highest praise so I decided to make a tutorial to help other users. It is a must for you to have some skill in Designing in Photoshop/Creative Suite(Elements, Photoshop, CS6). I will explain the basic processes but it is best to have some skill. 1. Open Photoshop, let’s say CS6. 2. Open the file and go to File>New. 3. At the bottom of the opening window you will see a „Open” tab and under that you will find „AS”, choose „Artwork Signature” now. 4. Click the OK button and you should see Acrylic on your desktop. 5. Open the file now and go to Image>Canvas. This is Acrylic. 6. Click the tool on the left side(out of the box) and select „Create a New Layer” at the top. 7. You should see two panels next to each other, it is time to begin working. 8. The first panel is the „Labels” panel. This is the panel to start designing. 9. The design in this panel will act as „

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Acrylic is a powerful, intuitive, real-time vector graphics program that uses vector based layers, paths, and text for precision editing and vector work. Create sophisticated designs and graphic elements for your on-screen, Web, and print projects. ■ Work in a truly hybrid environment ■ Edit image objects on vector layers ■ Create both vector & bitmap layers within the same document ■ Convert vector and bitmap layers ■ Quickly switch brush attributes ■ Create customized Style List ■ Use Wacom� 6D art pen support ■ Precisely change shapes using Transformation palette ■ Work more efficiently using rotate canvas, layer colorization, and more ■ Incorporate text on a path into artwork Installation 1 Whats new Version 1.1.1: ■ Some of the bundled plugins: ■ ACRCloud plugin updated to latest version ■ Integration to Artsoft UniDraw: ■ Compatible with ArtworkX 6 Version 1.0.9: ■ Some of the bundled plugins: ■ ACRCloud plugin updated to latest version ■ Integration to Artsoft UniDraw: ■ Compatible with ArtworkX 6.1 Version 1.0.8: ■ Revised the bundled plugins ■ Support for latest Artsoft ACRCloud Plugin ■ Integrated with ArtworkX 7.0 Version 1.0.7: ■ Integrated with ArtworkX 6 ■ Support for ArtworkX 5.5.6 ■ Support for ArtworkX 5.5.5 Version 1.0.6: ■ Support for ArtworkX 5.5.3 ■ Support for ArtworkX 5.5.2 Version 1.0.5: ■ Support for ArtworkX 5.5.1 ■ Support for ArtworkX 5.5.0 ■ Support for ArtworkX 5.3.0 ■ Support for ArtworkX 5.2.3 ■ Support for ArtworkX 5.2.2

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Processor: 2.8 GHz or higher, Core i3 or higher, Core i5 or higher, Core i7 or higher Memory: 2 GB RAM Hard Disk: 5 GB free space Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible with 256 MB Video Memory DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Please make sure to have enough disk space for all installs and updates. Save your game regularly. You–fC32nsfeKERBF

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